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Virabhadrasana III
Posture of a hero 
   Starting posture. Tad asana.


 Inhale, jump and put legs on 120-135 cm distance from each other. While turning to the right, turn right foot by 90 degree and left – by 60. Rise up hands, keep straight, stretched, without bending of the elbows and connect palms over the head.
Bend down the right leg until the heel and leg make 90 degrees angle, keep left leg stretched, tension in knee. Feet must be on one straight line. Rise up a head and look at palms, breath free and steadily. 
   Exhale and with stretched hands, with connected palms turn forward until chest touches leg. If possible to breathe free and not to be tensioned. 
   Exhale and rise up left leg, at same time stretch the right leg and move body forward. Right knee must be straight, stretched, left – same. Keep that posture 20-30 seconds, breathe deeply and steadily. In that posture one must keep balance of the body, hands and left leg must be stretched and on one straight line.


   Exhale and put left leg on the floor, release arms and stay straight.


   To do same for left side.


   Exhale. Tad asana.



Positive influence

This exercise develop balance, regulate the work of balance centre, approve abdomen inner organs, raise the body resistance, energize and refresh a man, raise intellectual work, make a man more active and flexible. 


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