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Jathara Parivritanasana

Jathara - belly, abdomen, stomach

Parivartana - twist, turn,



   Lie on your back on the floor.
Stretch arms on showlders level and put on the floor forming cross. 
   Exhale, lift your legs together perpendicular to the torso, about 90 degree.  
Legs are stretched, knees released. 
   Inhale and exhale several times in this position and then exhale and put your legs on the floor near the left arm with feet close to fingers of the left hand. In this position try to hold your back and right shoulder on the floor. Initialy it is difficult to do, you should ask a friend to press your right shoulder to the floor or before twisting hold the rod or any heavy item and then to move the feet to the left.

In this pose both legs should be stretched and together. Try to keep your waist and back on the floor, twist the legs only from hips, when legs approach to the left hand, only that time twist the abdomen to right.

Maintain this position 20-30 seconds, keeping the legs extended, while breathing evenly and freely.

Hold this position for 20-30 seconds with stretched legs and keep breathing free and evenly.   
    Exhale and bring your legs to the vertical position.
Inhale and exhale several times in this position.  
   Move your legs to the right arm, then twist abdominal and face to the left. Hold this position as long as in left position.  
   Exhale and return to the vertical position, inhale and exhale several times.
Exhale and gradually put your legs on the floor and relax. 
 Positive influence

This exercise is very useful for people who have abdominal and waist fat.  This exercise treats and removes pains of injures in a waist, abdomen, and thigh area. It regulates the liver, cholecyst, stomach, and pancreas. It treats gastritis, strengthens entrails.  If do this exercise regularly and long-lasting, all the internal organs of the abdomen and waist area will be in a healthy condition. 


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