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Hal - valve

Asana - pose

This pose is considered to be a continuation of Sarvangasana pose.



   Come to Salamba Sarvangasana, keeping your chin pressed to chest. 
    Release chin and chest valve, slightly descend waist, push the legs and arms backward over the head and put the toes on the floor.

Raise the waist and stretch the knees.

Push arms backward, push the back with hands ahead.

Bring arms back, in opposite direction to legs, palms on the floor.

Stretch legs and arms in opposite direction.

Bring arms close to each other, turn palms so that thumbs touch the floor, rest fingers and palms stretched, elbows tensed, arms strengthened.  

Arms and legs are stretched in opposite direction. Spine becomes more flexible.

Bring fingers close to each other and interlace. At the beginning it is hard. You should practice it first with one hand (right or left). It will help to improve shoulders.

This is difficult initially. But after sufficient practice you will be able to interlace your fingers with elbows on the floor.

It is also difficult to push yourself from the floor with the help of feet fingers and keep legs stretched. But after sufficient practice you will get the desired results.

Hold this pose for 1-5 minutes, keep breathing.  
   Bring arms back, come to Sarvangasana pose and gradually lie on the back.
Relax and have rest. 

Positive influence

Improves nervous system, improves spine damages, makes it elastic, activates blood circulation in the spine, quickly reduces tiredness, and refreshes the body. Spine aches, arms shaking, abdominal aches, flatus and congestions disappear. You feel relief in this area. It regulates work of all internals. It helps to relieve and regulate the symptoms of menopause. After sufficient and constant practice depot fat in waist, hips disappears, it massages and stimulates the thyroid and prostate glands, improves digestion. After long-term practice people with diabetes can stop using of insulin. This exercise removes number of diseases arising due to the cerebral anemia.  After this exercise a headache often disappears. Those people whose spine doesn’t have enough flexibility should be very careful at the beginning till they obtain the flexibility, and the people who have high blood pressure are recommended to make Halasana, then Sarvangasana. 

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