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Salamba Sarvangasana I

Salamba- with support ,

Sarva- all, full

Anga- body, limb



    Lie on the back with stretched legs.
Put your arms on the floor alongside your torso, palms on the floor. Several full breathings. 
    Exhale, press your arms against the floor and feet, knees and back lift from the floor.  As your back keeps lifting, place your hands on your lower back, draw your thighs into the front torso. Exhale, push with hands your back, lift the waist, touch with knees the chest and do 2-3 inhales and exhales.   

In this position elbows, shoulders, waist and the back of the head are on the floor. Push your back forward with hands.

Do 2 inhales and exhales in this position. 
    Exhale, stretch your legs with unbend knees up and stretch toes towards the ceiling.  Stay in this position 3-5 minutes, keep breathing evenly.  
    Exhale and gradually place your arms, torso and legs on the floor. Rest a few seconds, breath slowly and evenly to get your blood circulation.
Sit, stay in this position several seconds and stand up. Don’t stand up at once as it is harmful for your heart.   

Positive influence

This exercise improves metabolism, blood circulation, calms the brain and nervous system therefore helps to relieve stress. In this pose power of weight works in reverse direction; all organs are supplied with blood, no extra-work for heart. It stretches your shoulders and improves flexibility of your upper spine. It massages and stimulates the thyroid and prostate glands, improves digestion.

Vessels get their flexibility, blood pressure is regulated, piles are healed, it helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause. It heals urine-genital diseases. It regulates nervous system. This pose is a queen of all asanas. 

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