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Ardha Navasana

Ardha- half,

Nava- boat




Sit on the floor, stretch the legs out in front of you, keep them together. Put the palms on the floor alongside the hips and stretch the arms. Back is straight, slightly rise it up.  Hold this position for several seconds.


Interlock the fingers behind the head.


Exhale and lift the legs up. Hold the legs with the toes at head level. Keep the trunk weight on the hips, back and spine must not touch the floor, feel muscle tension in waist and abdominal area. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds. Keep free breathing. Gradually extend the time of this pose to a minute and more. Exhale long and slowly, hold breathing, exhale again evenly. Don’t breathe deeply.

    Exhale and come back to first pose: sit on the floor, release muscles. Repeat 3 times.   

Positive influence

This pose has a good influence on ? gallbladder, spleen and liver, strengthens back and feeds the spine with prana, strengthens the muscles of abdomen. This asana is very important for women, because it strengthens those muscles of abdominal area which help them during childbirth. This pose rejuvenates a man. 

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