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Urdhva Prasarita padasna

Prasarita - stretched

Urdhva – straight, high, from above

Pada – a foot



    Lie on your back with your legs stretched, knees unbend, arms at body.

Exhale, stretch your arms overhead, and place the backs of your hands on the floor.

Inhale and exhale  2-3 times.
    Exhale, raise your legs up (about 30 degrees), stay in this posture 15-20 seconds. Breathe fluidly and synchronically. 
    Exhale, raise your legs up (about 60 degrees), stay in the posture 15-20 seconds, and breathe fluidly and synchronically. 
    Exhale and raise your legs up perpendicular to the ceiling (90 degrees). Stay in the posture 30-60 seconds, breathe fluidly and synchronically.  
    Exhale and slowly put your legs on the floor and relax.



Repeat exercise 3-4 times, legs keep stretched and straight, knees unbend.

If you cannot do the exercise at once, you can do every posture of the exercise separately.


Positive influence

This exercise removes fat in abdominal, waist and thighs sections, strengthens and improve waist and all internal organs of abdominal, cures some diseases in spine and waist sections. 

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