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Parigha - lock

This posture is like lock for closing the gate



    Stand on knees. 
    Hands on shoulders level. Right leg toward right side, foot turn to the right, knee stretched. 
    Exhale and turn to the right by waist and stretch down toward right leg. 
    Touch with right hand the right foot and bend with all body on right hand. Bend the head till the ear touches a shoulder. Left arm stretch and bring close to the right arm and keep a head between arms. Left arm must be on the left ear. Look straight, turn forward and look ahead.Stay in this posture 30 -60 seconds, breathe fluidly and synchronically. 
    Become straight, bend right leg and stand on the knees. 
    Shift the leg and do the exercise on other side.
    Come straight and stand up. Keep balance on both sides. 

Positive influence

This exercise strengthens waist and abdominal muscles, regulates their correct work, prevents muscles relieving and growing flabby. It removes many spine diseases due to right and left turnings. It activates blood circulation in sexual organs due to waist tension and movements.     

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