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Prasarita Padottanasana

Prasarita – spread apart

Pada – a foot

Name is –wide-legged standing forward bend pose



    Stand in Tadasana. 
    Take a breath in and jump your legs apart - 135-155 cm distance.

 Keep your feet parallel, on one straight line.

     Exhale, bend to the right and put palms on the floor, between feet, on shoulders level. Firmly root into the floor with feet and hands.

Take a breath in, raise the head, and bend back the waist and straight the back (spine). Breathe fluidly and synchronically.  

    Exhale and while bending forward, reach a floor with the head between arms. Keep whole weight of the body mostly on legs and slightly on arms. Don’t leave weight on the head.

Keep this pose 20-30 seconds, breathe deeply and synchronically. 

    In case of long performance you can move your hands back to your spine and keep the weight of the body on the legs and the head.
    Inhale, raise your head up, straight the spine and arms.  
    Exhale and stand up.
Put legs together (tadasana). 

Positive influence

This posture strengthens tendons of hands, muscles of legs, activates blood circulation in waist and in the head. It regulates digestion, burns fat and remove headache.

All standing postures are strongly recommended for beginners, as due to these postures people become flexible, joy, they regulate their weight and get ready for complicated exercises 

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