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Parsva – side

Uttan – intense

Tan – stretch, lengthen

Name is - Intense stretch side pose



   Stand in Tadasana.  


    Inhale, stance of legs is wide (90-105cm).  
   Take the arms behind the back and join palms. If possible, raise joined palms up between shoulders, if it is difficult - just hold the left hand with right hand.  
   Turn right leg on 90 degrees while turning to the right and left – on 75-80 degrees, knees stretched. 
    Inhale, bend forward and up leading with the chest, bend back. Breathe freely and synchronically. 
    Exhale, bend forward toward your right leg. Reach right leg knee with your face. 
Stay in this pose 20-30 seconds, breathe fluidly, synchronically and with every exhalation release the body and relax. 
    While breathing turn toward the centre. Stay on this pose 15-20 seconds. 
   Turn the head and the body to the left while turning the leg on 90 degrees with stretched knees and come down the face to the left leg knee.
Stay in the pose 20-30 seconds, breathe fluidly and synchronically. 
   Then straitened in the centre while straitening legs. Stand up and put arms down.
Exhale and step feet together. Tad asana. 
Positive influence

This posture removes heaviness in legs and thigh, lightens the whole body and improves the body flexibility. It improves the work of internal organs, makes the thigh, waist, spine and back flexible and movable. Remove the disorders in shoulders, improve deep breathing and massages a face.


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