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Parivrita Trikonasana

Parivritta – opposite or back

Trikon – triangle

Asana – pose or posture

This posture means opposite triangle posture, this is the opposite posture of stretched triangle.



   Starting posture - Tad asana.


    Inhale and separate legs, approximately 120-135 cm. Raise up arms and palms down.


    Turn right leg by 90 degree, and left leg by 60 degree to the right, keep legs straight, stretched. Little tension in the knees.


    Exhale, turn left arm and thigh.


    While bending stretch and put left hand on the floor, by the right foot , outer side.



If there is no muscle pain, then the palm of the left hand put entirely on the floor. Don’t bend the knees, keep shoulders and arms stretched. Bend a head to the right and look at the right hand palm. Stay in that posture 30-60 seconds. Breath steadily, be relaxed and not tensed. 
    Exhale and become straight, stretch arms aside.


    Exhale and turning to the left. Same exercise for left side.


    Become straight. Exhale - Tad asana. 

Positive influence

This exercise improves thigh, waist and lower extremities ligaments. Make spine flexible, strengthen back muscles and eliminate salt storage.


Cures some diseases of spine, as it activates blood circulation.


Eliminate several sex nature diseases, widens brest. 

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