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Virabhadrasana II
Posture of a hero


    Starting posture - Tad asana.


    Inhale, separate legs, approximately 120-135 cm, raise up hands to the sides, on the level of shoulders, palms down.


    Turn right foot by 90 degrees and left foot by 60 degrees.



 Exhale and bend right leg down until the heel and leg make 90 degrees angle. 

Left leg keep straight without bending the knee.

Stretch hands and move forward and back. Look forward at right hand fingers. Hand and feet not move, on one line. In that posture stay 30 seconds, breathe deeply and steady. 

    Stand straight, turn to the left and do the same exercise for the left side.


    Exhale and stand start posture - Tad asana. 

Positive influence

This posture strengthens and gives beautiful shape to legs, has good influence on inner organs of abdomen, kills, eliminates pains in waist and thighs and prepares for deeper exercises. 


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