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Virabhadrasana I

Posture or pose of a hero



    Starting posture - Tad asana. 
    Inhale, separate legs, approximately 120-135 cm.


    Turn to the right.


Turn right foot by 90 degrees and left foot by 60 degrees. 
    Rise up hands, hold straight, elbows stretched and connect the palms over the head. 


Bend down the right leg until the heel and leg make 90 degrees angle, keep left leg stretched, tension in knee. Feet must be on one straight line.

Head and body must be directed towards right leg, and spine stretched up. Staying in that posture rise up the head and look at hands.


Stay in that posture 20-30 seconds, breath free and steadily, then rise up and stand straight. 
    While turning to the left to do the same for left side.


      Exhale and stand start posture - Tad asana.    

Positive influence

This posture favours chest widening, which in future brings to full breathing.  In case of long-term performance salt storage in showlders and waist disappears, showlders and back become fleable. Waist pains and fat storage in waist disappear. This posture requires great efforts and tension. 

People with cardiovascular diseases are not recommended to do this exercise at the starting period.    

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