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Utthita parsvakonasana

Uttihita – stretched

Kon – angle

Parshva – side

Posture of side stretched angle



    Starting posture: Tad Asana  
    Inhale, separate legs, approximately 120-135 cm, raise hands to both sides on the level of shoulders, palms turned down. Slowly exhale, turn right foot by 90 degrees and left foot by 60 degrees. 
    Left foot stretched, right foot bends down until the heel and leg make 90 degrees angle. 
    Lower right hand, put right palm on the floor near the right foot from outside. At the same time keep left hand stretched up on left ear.

Stress the loin and waist. Chest, waist and legs should be on one line. For this posture one should raise the chest up and move back. Stretch all the body and concentrate on the back part of the body, mailnly on spine. Spine should be stretched until all the vertebrae and ribs depart from each other. One should feel like his skin is also stretched.

Stay in this position 0.5 – 1.0 minute, breath deeply and rithmic.  
    Inhale, raise up the right hand palm, exhale, again inhale, make body strait and get up.    
    While exhale turn left and do the same exercise.
Finishing the exercise make body strait and get up.    
    Exhale and bring foots together, stad Tad Asana. 

Positive influence:

This exercise strengthens and have positive influence on waist, legs, chest and spine. Doing this exercise periodically liquidates fat of waist and legs, favours to disappear of some heart deseases, activates stomach work and improves metabolism. 

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