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Utthita trikonasana


Uttihita – stretched

Trikon – triangle

Asana – posture

Posture of stretched triangle



  Starting posture: Tad Asana.  

 Exhale, separate legs, approximately 90-105 cm, raise hands to both sides on the level of shoulders, palms turned down.   

    Turn right foot by 90 degrees and left foot by 60 degrees to right, legs and knees strait. Little tension in knees: Waste turns right.  
    Exhale, head and chest slowly goes down and right. Put right palm on the floor, near the right foot from outside. At the same time keep left hand stretched up and turn head up and look on left palm. Stay in this position 0.5 – 1.0 minute, breath free and rhythmic. Inhale, keep body strait, hands on the level of shoulders.  
    Do the same exercise on left side.





 Keep body strait; hands on the level of shoulders. 

    Exhale and bring legs together, stand Tadasana posture.      

  While doing the exercise always keep hands on one line with shoulders.


Positive influence:

This exercise strengthens leg muscles, makes the waste and legs more mobile and flexible, corrects foot defects and favors their harmonic development. Heals spine, liquidates spinal and neck pains, strengthens the chest muscles. Assists for quick remove of toxics: assists for quick healing after infectious diseases.  






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