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About Yoga

Yoga is a science, ancient science, that somehow manages to never get old. It was being transmitted from generation to generation verbally, thousands of years, until in the 2nd century BC a wise man named Patanjali wrote down all that knowledge in a book called “Yoga Sutras” (Aphorisms about Yoga). The Yoga Sutras consist of 196 aphorisms, put in 4 parts (respectively - 1. “Consciousness and Super consciousness”, 2. “Ways to Attain Yoga”, 3. “Powers”, 4. “Liberation”). This book later became the basis for most of the Yoga schools known to the World, and other relevant schools of science, philosophy, medicine etc. There is still no clarity or final answer regarding the real age of the Yoga Science, and this debate still continues among historians and others concerned all around the World. In the meanwhile - our aim is to explore, understand and pass to others this science in the clearest form we found it in its very sources, so to share the wisdom gained during those long centuries.Yoga Science has been tested during the past 5000 years by unthinkable number of people who practiced it, all over the world, and has proven its great role in human self-discovery, healthcare, strengthening and development - all in physical, mental and spiritual meanings. Originating from the East, mainly from India, Yoga Science is now becoming increasingly popular in many countries of the world, entering various spheres of modern life, due to its amazing universality and effectiveness. Yoga is new to the Armenian society, but it has already got plenty of attention, and the centers of Yoga appearing here and there started getting better and better, which gives a very nice feeling and hope, of course.  

Welcome to the exploration of a totally new side of Your own reality, new World hidden from an inattentive eye but open to a searching one, and full of mysteries, inspiration, and Reality in its pure sense!    



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